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All about my future van

At Ridervan, we buy second-hand utility vehicles, so the basis of your vehicle will always be a used carrier. Each carrier is unique and will have different options, mileage, date of entry into circulation. Then, we carry out mechanical work, bodywork and major preventive maintenance before installing a completely new layout in the vehicle. We therefore have a second-hand carrier guaranteed for 1 year and new fittings guaranteed for 2 years.

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All our fittings benefit from the insulation and interior trim of the passenger compartment, the installation of a pop-up roof including a double bed and the integration of a convertible benchseat

Due to the lack of an integrated kitchenette unit, the Escapade offers a larger bed. An auxiliary piece of furniture acting as a kitchenette can be added as an option.

The Weekend and Adventure versions are also equipped with a kitchen cabinet (sink, stove) complete with storage, an auxiliary battery, an external shower and a compression refrigerator for the Weekend model while an absorption refrigerator equips the Adventure model allowing it a greater autonomy.

All the vans you see online are available at the dealership. But we recommend that you make an appointment because our vehicles are subject to technical control and to the visit of certification agents, so they may not be on display when you come.

The majority of our vehicles are equipped with a 2.0 L TDi 102 HP engine because it offers the best compromise between reliability, power and fuel consumption. Let its low-range torque (250 newton/meter) surprise you by trying it out. It is more than enough to move a Ridervan with its layout, 5 to 6 people with their luggage and do some sightseeing on the roads of the secondary network of our very beautiful country

We estimate the average combined consumption of our vehicles at 6.5 L/100 km for a 2.0 L TDI 102 HP engine

Good news: our campervans are immediately available . We still have to finalize the administrative papers and prepare the vehicle. Depending on the chosen options, the preparation may take more or less time: cleaning, final checks, battery test. The van delivery takes place from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each van must be paid by the customer before delivery because we make sure to register the vehicle in your name

The selling price of our fitted vans is conditioned by the price of the purchased second-hand carrier and its options (GPS, parking aid, Start & Stop, Bluetooth, etc.), its mileage, its entry into service date

Of course, we simply need a copy of your driving license or an identity document as well as some information about you. On the other hand, don’t take risks on the road, we will be obliged to send you potential fines

In the event of a breakdown, we recommend that you come back to our dealership in Janzé in order to make an auto inspection. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, your vehicle is guaranteed for 1 year. . In the context of a concern related to the layout, the guarantee is 2 years.

If you cannot return to Janzé, we advise you to go to your nearest garage. It will estimate the repair costs via an estimate that must be submitted to us before starting the repairs.

No, we do not trade in your old vehicles

Yes, no problem, ask us the question and we will be happy to answer you

Being from Lorraine, Geoffroy worked for a time in Luxembourg. As a result, he gradually established contacts who offered to provide him with premises in Poland. It was really a question of opportunity at a given moment. The advantage is that this European country is very close to Germany where Ridervan gets its supplies, the automotive spare parts market there is dynamic and the workforce is qualified. The Ridervan Factory is located in Glogow and employs around forty people.

Because it is the biggest second-hand market for the Volkswagen Transporters which are the carriers used for our transformation. As experts, we scrupulously check the history of our vehicles.


Specialized self-propelled vehicles with a GVW equal to or less than 3.5 tons are considered to be specialized motor vehicles. In the case of a fitted van, it will even be considered in the category “Caravan” within the specialized motor vehicle section because “used as an accommodation and has a habitable compartment which includes at least the following equipment: seats and a table, berths obtained by converting the seats*, a kitchen area*, storage spaces. This equipment must be immovable. However, the table can be designed to be easily retractable.”

To apply for approval, you must first obtain a certificate of conformity from an external control office (Qualigaz or Veritas) which checks the gas installation; appliances for heating, cooking, refrigerators; emergency exits; ventilation and aeration devices. At Ridervan, we are self-certified for our gas installations and we issue a certificate of transformation in compliance with the standards to our customers. However, we submit to an annual check with Veritas.

Then, we get in touch with the Regional Administration for vehicle certification (DREAL) and send it a technical file on the layout of the vehicle: this file includes in particular the load distribution in the vehicle but also the necessary authorizations from Volkswagen and the suppliers which allows us to install the options on a given vehicle. An inspection appointment is then fixed. Once the file is validated, the DREAL issues us a type-approval of single vehicles allowing us to register the vehicle as a Specialized self-propelled vehicle .

A vehicle with complete fittings must be accompanied by a registration certificate with the Specialized self-propelled vehicles mention on it. If your vehicle was previously registered otherwise and you have fitted it out, you have 1 month to bring yourself into compliance. Otherwise, you incur a fine of up to €750.

Additionally, it will present a mismatch with the vehicle identifying documents during its technical inspection and its owner will have an obligation to carry out a counter-visit within 2 months

It is a French document that allows you to drive while waiting to obtain the car registration document. At Ridervan, the PCR is valid for 4 months (see “Why does it take me 4 months to receive my car registration document). Please note that on the PCR, the registration date does not correspond to the of the vehicle: the in-service date concerns that of the utility vehicle that we are reconditioning, while the date indicated on the PCR corresponds to its first registration in France.

The vehicles we fit out have never been registered in France, so they must be registered for the first time on national territory. We must therefore regularize the administrative papers, pay the discharge (document certifying that the vehicle is in a regular situation with regard to VAT), and submit the registration application on the French National Agency for Secured Documents platform. In the best case, the Agency will process the request within 1 month but it will often be more. This is why the Provisional Registration Certificate is valid for 4 months and will allow you to drive with complete peace of mind while waiting to receive your car registration document.

All the information requested by your insurer is indicated on the Order Form that you sign when purchasing the vehicle. The registration number is transmitted when the First Registration Certificate is issued. Your insurance company should also be warned that it is a 2.0 L TDI engine, a L1H1 vehicle with a short wheelbase.

Here are the documents we require from our clients:

– holder’s identity card
– driver’s license of the holder
– co-holder’s identity card
– holder’s proof of address of less than 6 months old

All documents must be sent to us by email in pdf format in order to be deposited on the French National Agency for Secured Documents platform

It is possible to partially or totally finance the vehicle with our partner Cofidis